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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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4 March (Part 1) - No help there then

The report on the protest campaign at Old Manor Way included the comment that David Evennett MP had not replied to a letter, something that came from the campaign organiser herself.

MP CouncillorsThe MP’s letter arrived later the same day, not that it was worth the stamp - oh, MPs don’t pay postage do they? - because he simply dismissed the issue as ‘nothing to do with me gov’. Presumably he has never checked his own website (see below).

More unexpected by the Old Manor Way campaigners, but not to regular Bexley council watchers, is that the three ward councillors have held out little hope of assistance and are anxious to step aside while busily washing their hands.

The councillors have circulated a letter to residents which confirms what was stated at last week’s cabinet meeting, that we are asked to believe that nothing much has been done yet on the proposed sale. (Audio clip here.)

Probably the campaigners believed that Bexley councillors are there to help residents, their Facebook page suggests as much, but that is to totally misunderstand how Bexley council works.

EvennettIn Bexley, the council leader sets the agenda and senior staff are given among the highest local authority salaries in the country to ensure there is no dissent.

Councillors are not allowed to have minds of their own. In the past four plus years only two Conservative hands have gone up against any Teresa O’Neill inspired motion, policy or directive and within a very short time afterwards both those rebels were no longer councillors.

Bexley’s Conservative councillors are jobsworths pure and simple - even the relatively decent ones of which there are a few. Even when they are critical of plans they vote for them. There is absolutely no way that councillors Hurt, Marriner and Pallen are ever going to help in any meaningful way on an issue such as this. £56,205 this year between the three of them ensures undying loyalty to the lady dictator.

Bexley Conservatives lied to the electorate last May when they claimed Bexley was a low tax borough, it is not, only eight boroughs out of 32 in London charge more. (Bexley in 24th poorest place). If they allow council tax levels to sink further towards the bottom of the league there is a danger they will be found out. No councillor can oppose the leader’s ambitions or risk exposing her as a charlatan. They know just how severe the internal bullying of those suspected of disloyalty can be.


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