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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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2 March (Part 3) - Milking the system

BaconThe porcine puns have been done to death so let’s be a little more formal this time around.

Gareth Bacon’s extreme public purse pilfering was first covered by the Evening Standard followed by the News Shopper.

The Bonkers report was more concerned with how councillor Bacon puts Bexley residents last by his admission that his responsibilities here would be the first to be dropped if things got too much for him. The reason for Bexley being first to go is obvious, it’s his least well paid job.

It would appear that the feeling that Bacon is more interested in his own pocket than putting his talents to good use in Bexley is widely shared. The Bexley Labour group issued this press release today. Click the image to read the full text.

Press Release

The relevant GLA webcast may be selected here. Check out Confirmations Hearings Committee - 23rd February and Gareth Bacon’s CV is on the GLA site too.

I receive a surprising number of emails that tell me where I can meet councilor Bacon most days and it is not in Watling Street. They say he pushes quite a lot of cash across a certain bar in Sidcup. Good to see him investing in the borough.

Gareth Bacon is not only the biggest municipal cash taker by far but his wife Cheryl tells the biggest porkies ever known to Bexley council. Sorry, I think I promised no more piggy puns.


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