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Bonkers Blog June 2015

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29 June (Part 1) - Priests and prayers. Police and parkers

The end of the month again, a time when the more important news is held over for the new month, so today just a bit of trivia.

Lesnes Abbey is frequently the setting for wedding photos and the occasional religious service. One such event was held yesterday and in common with all the others caused minor local parking difficulties. Generally one or two residents find their own vehicles trapped on their own drive.
Coptefield DriveCoptefield Drive
Whilst parking across dropped kerbs (Photo 2 below) may be inconsiderate there is always one parker who does something rather special. This time it was parking in the cycle track. (Photo 3.)

The local PCSO waited around in the sunshine to have a friendly word. He has no power to issue a penalty, that’s solely a Bexley council job and on Sundays they tend to restrict themselves to the richer pickings to be had in town centres.
Parking Parking Parking Parking


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