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Bonkers Blog June 2015

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19 June (Part 4) - The Bin Tax

The petition against Bexley’s Bin Tax is still going great guns, it is fast approaching the 2,500 mark, probably more than have coughed up the money to have their garden waste taken away.

CommentsAll the petition comments condemn Bexley council and make for quite interesting reading. Don Massey created a whole load of enemies when he dreamed up this scheme

The first comment shown here would suit me but taxing people according to their own drain on society has been tried before and it was popularly known as (or should that be unpopularly?) called the Poll Tax.

The answer to Sandra Brace’s question about the Olympics levy is that we are still paying and have been for ten years. It is due to end next year but there is already talk of not reaping the full reduction benefits. The Dartford Bridge scam all over again.

And that is not the only con trick perpetrated by governments. The TV licence fee went up dramatically to pay for Digital Switchover but that was all done and dusted three years ago. We are still paying the inflated licence fee and everyone seems to have forgotten it. Operating a digital TV system is massively cheaper than analogue, in transmitter electricity costs if nothing else.

People are asking what refuse service will Bexley council cut next. Take a look at this for a clue…

Paper collection
A strong national trend downwards in the volume of household paper collected. That’s going to prove costly.

The notice above is part of what Bromley council sent out to residents last week. Paper collection will go fortnightly from next week.

Can Bexley be far behind?


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