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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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19 July (Part 2) - A gem of an idea

When my granddaughter was a bit younger she was addicted to soft play centres. I had no idea what one was until I was taken to Cirencester, but now know they are brightly coloured indoor playgrounds, sometimes in buildings of aircraft hanger proportion, where everything is made of rubber or vinyl covered polystyrene designed to safeguard children and humiliate adults. As a certified grumpy old man I came to dread the words “What do you want to do today Freya?“ and back came the answer “Soft Play!” Every single time.

I've seen quite a lot of them now, been shoeless down a fair number of slides myself. The prices varied tremendously in Swindon, Bristol, Keynsham, Chippenham and maybe some places I’ve forgotten but when Freya came to Bexley I couldn’t find one - which was perhaps not entirely bad news.

Kassiopi Soft PlayI’m hoping she may have grown out of Soft Play because I can no longer claim to live in a Soft Play vacuum. One has opened in Erith, opposite Morrison’s in the old Blockbuster.

I went by on the bus at 10 a.m. yesterday and there was a queue outside, by 2:30 (Photo 1) it had gone.

So why the blatant advertising on a site where I have so far refused all offers? It’s because Kassiopi Cove is run by the company that expressed an interest in running Belvedere’s Splash Park before councillor Peter Craske dreamed up all the obstacles to progress.

Nevertheless a company that in principle was prepared to do more to preserve the borough’s amenities than Bexley council ever would deserves to be a success, hence breaking the no advertisement rule.

Kassiopi Cove website.
Jacqueline’s Gems (parent company).



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