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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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11 July (Part 1) - Out of our sight

There have been no significant Crossrail developments around Abbey Wood station in the last month. The track bed is for ever being extended and concreted, there are early signs of a new platform, holes have been dug and filled in ready for another visit by the big piling machine and Gayton Road is still a bit of a mess while the utility services are diverted.

A little way over the boundary with Greenwich preparations are well advanced for the new Bostall Manorway footbridge and near Plumstead the carriage sidings are not far off being connected to the North Kent line by Plumstead station.

I went along there in the week to see what could be seen from the road bridge at Plumstead station. Nothing unfortunately, the view is totally obstructed by a cross track signal gantry.

Not wishing the trip to be entirely wasted I wandered down the Ridgeway (Joseph Bazalgette’s old sewer which terminates at Crossness) and poked my telephoto lens through the small gaps between the trees and miscellaneous structures.

The track that can be seen from a passing train remained out of sight but conversely there is some which cannot be seen from a train. I am no nearer to working out what the huge concrete monstrosity by the North Kent trackside is. (Photo 1.)
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