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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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22 January (Part 3) - Green is Go

The Lesnes Labour councillors are probably not best pleased that after all their letters to and meetings with Bexley council officers about the Harrow Inn site, our MP can waltz into the Deputy Director of Public Protection’s office and he immediately rolls over. Charmed by a pretty face, or maybe the strength of her argument. It’s a funny way of doing business but then Bexley is a very peculiar place.

Don’t mess with Thamesmead Tess.

Harrow Inn Harrow InnBy yesterday afternoon two friendly chaps with East European accents were happy to pose for the camera and boast how they had already filled three skips and were going to improve the state of the fence. In my experience only British public authority workmen want to call the police when they see a camera.

Today the fence repair was well under way. A bit disappointing that they are just mending the old fence because parts of it are broken beyond repair, but the green plastic which dragged it down every time the wind blew is going in the skip too.


Harrow Inn Harrow Inn Harrow Inn Harrow Inn

Now that the weeds will be open to view, the jungle that took over the site for a while could be put to better use. A council that really cared for its residents could have killed two birds with one stone and provided a temporary car park, thus solving all the commuter parking and Wilton Road trading problems in one go. But Bexley is not a caring council.

Personally I think it has all gone downhill since the Harrow Inn corner looked like this…
Old photo


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