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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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20 January (Part 1) - Crossrail slices through Abbey Wood

Crossrail CrossrailA Network Rail manager told me six weeks ago that there would be no good Crossrail photo opportunities around Abbey Wood station for quite a long time, and he was right. However maybe he sees an opportunity to get in on the act himself as the van parked outside the station on 16th January was from Site-Eye, a company that makes time lapse films of building operations.

Maybe we will be treated to a video of the new station going up but first the old one has to come down and there are lots of signs that that cannot be far away. A quarter of a mile to the east, a new access to the trackside is being prepared but exactly why is not clear. Crossrail never did get back to me when I asked what they were going to do there.

Near the station the reason for the continued activity is much more obvious; the way must be cleared for the North Kent line to be moved southwards.

It looks as though the struggle to stop the end terrace house in Florence Road from falling down continues and in Gayton Road the street lights appear to be destined for the scrap yard.

To the west of the station the new North Kent line route to Plumstead makes steady progress. Compare with a week ago.

Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail

Photos 2 to 6 taken on 19th January 2015. Index to past Crossrail blogs.


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