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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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25 February - £1·8 million spent to get Sidcup booming. Or possibly not

At council meetings over the past seven days, the councillors for Sidcup have been saying how nice the High Street looked after the eight month's of disruption. Cabinet member Linda Bailey said that the shops were thriving and taking far more money than before. Before what she didn’t say. Before the chaos was swept away or before it started? When pressed she admitted that all she had done was speak, as an anonymous shopper, to a few shop owners.

I had not been to Sidcup for months but I drove along the High Street just before nine o’clock last Monday morning and in the early morning sunshine it did look quite nice. I have always been impressed by the new shop fronts funded by the mayor’s largesse and set against a road surface which is still new enough to be black, the overall effect was quite pleasing. However at 8:50 or thereabouts there was almost nobody there. I returned at just after twelve today expecting to see a bustling town centre as implied by councillor Bailey.

My photos are no more scientifically accurate than the councillor’s opinion but I do at least know they show a true picture and the same cannot always be said about Bexley council’s statements.
Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup
Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup
Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup Sidcup
As you may recognise, the place is not exactly crowded but the junction was at a standstill again with traffic queued in a southbound direction. blocking the westbound route.

Typical of Bexley unfortunately is the standing water trapped by inadequate provision of gullies, and the zig-zags on the pedestrian crossing are still non-compliant. Only two zig-zags does not satisfy the regulations. Potentially lethal too.


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