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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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12 February (Part 1) - More police uselessness

Bexley is losing another police commander. At least Peter Ayling stayed for two years instead of one. Unlike his two predecessors I never ever spoke to him or have any very direct reason to complain. In fact I believe it may have been his decision to refer the Cheryl Bacon case to Greenwich to head off the usual complaints about Bexley police. viz. that they live in Bexley council’s pocket.

However not every resident regards Ayling’s term of office as being benign. The lady who was wrongly arrested at Heathrow couldn’t get any comment out of him and put in a high level complaint; and closer to home, Mick Barnbrook had a similar experience and ultimately put in a formal Misconduct allegation to Commissioner Hogan-Howe. That was last July.

This is what he received in the post at the end of last week…
This is from the same police officer who has been sitting on my June 2012 complaint doing next to nothing. Is it possible there is some sort of conspiracy within the senior ranks of the Metropolitan Police to protect all of their senior officers from the consequences of their actions and inaction?


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