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Bonkers Blog December 2015

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2 December (Part 2) - Homeleigh is safe in Bexley’s hands. Probably

Cabinet member Eileen Pallen announced during yesterday’s People Scrutiny meeting that no one is currently living in the former Homeleigh care home in Avenue Road, Erith while it is being refurbished - although there are persistent stories that is not true.

DexThat will be because Bexley council has employed the rather weird property company Dex to look after it, so weird that they couldn’t even spell their own slogan. Inspires confidence does it not? Dex employees squat in the premises they are supposed to be safeguarding.

Bexley council chooses very strange bedfellows.

When councillor Pallen made her announcement last night she fingered the English Defence League as the source of the rumour about Syrian refugees. This is what she said.

A BiB reader was kind enough to trace the source. Sure enough it seems to be an EDL Facebook page which sparked the rumour mill.

It’s worth repeating; there are no Syrians in Homeleigh; unless they are working for Dex of course.


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