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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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21 August (Part 2) - This Website

Requests for BiB to carry advertisements are not uncommon and they have been routinely rejected, however twice recently the requests have come from local companies. I feel this may be more acceptable and during the past week have tried to add the necessary code. You may have seen an ‘advert’ for the Old Farm Park campaign briefly appear and disappear while I have attempted to overcome far more technical problems than I had imagined possible.

Among them is that the available space varies according to the chosen viewing mode and disappears entirely in Mobile mode.

There were also relatively minor but nonetheless annoying cosmetic variations between browsers despite specifying every dimension absolutely. The problem appears to be caused by differences in the way fonts are rendered for the central page header text and therefore insurmountable. The aim was to align the bottom of the advert image with the base of the central Guidance Panel but despite specifying everything at pixel level the browsers are all slightly different; near enough is going to have to do.

There is still some work to be done to allow different adverts on different pages but the basics are now in place.

This is all by way of an excuse for not having provided the planned Part 2 blog for today, the time just got frittered away poring over php code and CSS files. In all probability a proper blog will appear tomorrow (Saturday) so long as I do not get sidetracked by technical issues again and Crossrail doesn’t take all day to deliver their promised crane to Bostall Manorway.

There is incidentally no intention to charge for the advertisement panels, it will simply be a free service to anyone who cheekily asks to be included - as two already have.


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