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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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28 October (Part 1) - Abbey Wood. Gateway to a failed borough council

Harrow Inn WelcomeYesterday’s blog probably needed a little more explanation. The newly elected Labour councillors have attempted to negotiate improvements with the owner of the Harrow Inn site, so far without much success, obviously. A major problem is that the Conservative administration in their shiny new palace in Bexleyheath has refused to exercise any of its powers. See extract from the Town and Country Planning Act below.

Within the next few days Bexley council will embark on a multi-million improvement programme for Lesnes Abbey, no more than 150 metres from the Harrow Inn site. Visitors arriving by train are directed past the eyesore. It’s a great advertisement for the Tory’s neglect of anything north of Woolwich Road.

Photo 1 is of the view through one of the many holes in the existing fence. It’s a pity that Bexley council killed the plan for flats on the site. We would have some nice new flats and the ancient Harrow Inn may have been preserved.

Photo 2 shows the Welcome to Bexley sign (geography is not Bexley council’s strong point) opposite the ‘bomb site’./p>

It is now five years since the Harrow Inn was demolished.
Harrow Inn


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