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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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11 October - In Bexley, art matters. People don’t

Bench Spikes SpikesA reader was so intrigued by the pictures of the new bench with the misaligned back in Hatherley Road, Sidcup that he made enquiries to see if he could discover how the mistake came to be made. But Bexley council doesn’t regard it as a mistake, it is an artistic feature.

Really? And why?

If eye candy is the reason for plonking lumps of granite in the street why not add a few metal studs to relieve the monotony of a plain surface? An etched surface might be even more attractive. Does a wet behind matter when Bexley council is looking for its next Excellence in Public Realm award?

It may have been more sensible not to have the back at all. As it is, users are forced to stare at a wall but without it there would be the choice of playing ‘spot the shopper’.

It has been reported that a second such bench has been graciously bestowed on the good people of Sidcup, this time in Hadlow Road.


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