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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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30 November (Part 3) - The Irish connection

Sometimes incoming emails provoke interesting thoughts. How about this one?

“Grew up in Dublin, name of Murphy, boss, friend and collaborator called Rory, recruiting social workers for Bexley in the Irish Republic.”

Or less cryptically, the head of children’s services in Bexley whilst poor Rhys Lawrie was neglected was the independent person selected to write the Serious Case Review for his deputy (Sheila Murphy) who took his place before Rhys died of 39 separate injuries. The death was attributed to natural causes despite the coroner’s report and Bexley police and council were very reluctant to initiate a murder enquiry. It took nine months for circumstances to push them to the conclusion he must have been murdered.

The suggestion is that everyone involved has an Irish connection and now it is to be extended with a recruitment drive in that country.


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