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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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22 November (Part 1) - Yellow paint. Love it (Crayford) or loathe it (Sidcup)

If you don’t like paying for your bin to be collected, losing your library, being spied on while driving or seeing the borough’s historic houses starved of funds, blame Bexley Conservatives if you like or this government for reducing grants to local government or the previous one for wrecking the economy. It doesn’t really matter, the end result is that Bexley council is running out of money and desperate for more. They don’t care where it comes from as long as it is not their own allowances. There really was no need to appoint six vice chairmen to scrutiny committees and then pay them handsomely for sitting around doing not a lot. Unless greed is the motivation of course.

As always, the motorist is the easy target when a council needs more money, hence the constant use of yellow paint and more parking restrictions to trap the unwary.

This week it is Crayford’s turn. Alderman Close, Alfriston Close, Barnock Close, Bascombe Grove, Carnet Close, Cortland Close, Falstaff Close, Galloway Drive, Melrose Avenue, Saltcote Close and Woolbrook Road are all to get the treatment.

Yellow lines do nothing to enhance the appearance of a street, so in recently tarted Sidcup the yellow lines are to be taken away, replaced by a warning sign on the way in.
So the assumption in Sidcup must always be, you can’t park there unless somewhere in the street there is a half hidden sign to say you can; and read it carefully. Bexley council is out to get you. They have to fund their generous allowances somehow.

Click image to see all of the warning currently available from some Sidcup shops.


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