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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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9 November (Part 2) - Remembrance

Today I had intended to report last Wednesday’s farce when Bexley council was so ashamed of their record on child care that they refused to allow the public to hear the opposition motion on the subject.

It was a public meeting but the useful idiot who is councillor Graham D’Amiral proposed a motion to kick the public out. Presumably they can do that any time they think the webcast might be a source of embarrassment.

However Elwyn Bryant had mentioned he was going to attend the service at the Bexley war memorial this morning which is just a few yards from his house and the idea of a few hours not bashing a keyboard was suddenly very attractive.

I didn't actually see anything and apart from the hymn singing didn’t hear anything because Bexley council would not allow the crowd to spread itself across the road without payment of a fat fee. Hence the crush on both sides of the road.

Remembrance Remembrance Remembrance RemembranceRemembrance Services seem to have become ever more popular as time goes by and a very high proportion of the passengers in the cars that Bexley council refused to stop were wearing poppies. So was I, I had to buy another after losing the first three, a record total for me.

If Bexley councillors have turned out in force anywhere it certainly wasn’t in Bexley this year but councillor Colin Tandy and his wife very graciously posed for a photograph. Sorry about the girl growing out of his wife’s hat but it was probably quite cheeky enough to ask for the photograph without making them stand elsewhere.

I see that Mick Barnbrook’s poppy has fallen off too. He had one when we left Elwyn’s house but it has gone to join mine in a gutter somewhere.

Note: A councilor has emailed me about this blog to complain that it is “carping”. Is it? He mentions that the big event was in Crayford this year. Elwyn who always attends events such as this had told me it wasn’t Bexley’s turn this year. Tomorrow (Monday) I shall give the councillor something to really carp about.


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