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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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26 May (Part 1) - What Tyler?

poll cardWhilst the election count in Bexley seemed to be pretty efficient it was not without its opportunities for fraud but I saw nothing to suggest it. When I noticed what I thought was a weakness in the system the Head Counter was happy to demonstrate that in practice nothing had gone wrong.

Perhaps the biggest weakness was that several hours were taken up sorting and shuffling papers and getting the European ballot papers out of the way. It was 4 a.m before the actual count began and it didn’t finish until around 8 a.m. with the most complex procedures taking place at the end of that period when counters had been without sleep for at least 24 hours. But Tower Hamlets it was not!

Whatever the system, mistakes will always happen which reminds me that a few weeks ago a reader sent me a polling card; click the image above to see it. You may think that his name is Tyler but you would be wrong. Tyler is his son and he is looking forward to being two next August. Daddy had read him the warnings on the back of the card so he wasn’t allowed to take his crayons to the Polling Station.

The Polling Card has been rendered almost anonymous for the casual viewer but the reference number will mean something to Bexley’s Electoral Services and allow a correction of the records.


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