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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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6 May (Part 3) - A hole in the ground, so big and sorta round

To end the day on something a bit more digestible, work on the Crossrail terminus at Abbey Wood is currently slowly progressing across the border in Greenwich.

Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail

Crossrail CrossrailFriends taller than me have said the recently constructed storm drain has been full of water at times which will explain the lifebelt. Not so easy to explain are the several notices ‘TREE ROUTE PROTECTION’.

I know there is route protection all the way to Ebbsfleet because I have seen the maps but I would doubt that the sign is anything to do with that. Maybe it is because the Abbey Wood line is one of two eastern branches.

The overhead electric powered track is to be extended as far as the Lesnes Green Chain Walk footbridge and there is some sign of preparatory work already. Some of the Fendyke Road residents who couldn’t have read Crossrail’s literature thoroughly were unhappy to discover that the third rail system has been abandoned. Crossrail will be a full sized railway that just happens to be largely underground; but a tube line it is not.

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