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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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31 March (Part 1) - Conservative election News

The most recent addition to the Tory line up for May 2014 was missed from yesterday’s summary. Scroll or click on image below.

Tory list

The final piece of the jigsaw appears to have been filled in and unless one of them gets arrested for theft again it should be safe to assume this is the definitive list of candidates. The newest candidate is Slava Ibelgauptas hoping to represent North End. Fat chance I would have thought but it illustrates how Tories gradually climb their greasy poles. Next time he might get Lesnes and be in with half a chance, then, like John Davey this year he may slip across to slightly safer Crayford, and from there, like Melvin Seymour this year, to Northumberland Heath.

We have a fine pair in Northumberland Heath this year. Philip Read who made up a cock and bull story about a resident which was enough to convince an obedient police commander to get him put in jail over night - fortunately the judge owed nothing to Bexley council and let him out. And alongside Read is Melvin Seymour who I watched spout nonsense in Woolwich Crown Court in an attempt to get the same resident jailed for six months. Fortunately that judge noticed that the documentary evidence said something rather different and ignored him. Seymour should have been charged with perjury but maybe the electorate can give him four years in the wilderness instead. Unfortunately the electorate may not be as astute as the judges.

Who is Slava Ibelgauptas? Ex-director of several failed companies if Google is reliable. A description that would fit quite a large number of Bexley Tories.

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