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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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19 June (Part 4) - Trying to be in two places at once

A few readers have asked why there has been no coverage here of the gypsies that took up residence at the top of Knee Hill, the gypsies who have moved into Falconwood or the dreadful fatal hit and run in Abbey Wood this morning. Several reasons really; firstly all three incidents are just across the border in Greenwich and without photographs the gypsy stories are not of much interest. Following my own encounter with gypsies last year I am not going to recommend anyone goes anywhere near them with or without a camera.

I understand that the gypsies who arrived in Falconwood are one and the same group who were on Bostall Heath and although the Falconwood gypsies are across the borough border, Bexley police are mounting extra patrols in the area.

Today has been a busy day, delving into police matters for tomorrow’s blog and photographs taken in both Erith and Bexleyheath to illustrate the weekend blog. I finished up hot and sticky in the council chamber to observe the start of the planning meeting. Then I rushed home to watch the webcast. Hmm. Planning meetings are not easy to follow on the web are they? All those diagrams and pictures to take in. It might improve understanding if the 113 page PDF Agenda was downloaded and printed in advance, but not exactly practical.


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