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Bonkers Blog June 2014

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19 June (Part 2) - Can a corrupt council and its protector fix this can of worms too?

I had gone nearly four weeks without seeing - or in some cases hearing from - any member of the Bexley Action Group in part because they had taken themselves off on holidays after their election campaign; so last night i took up my standing invitation to attend their meetings. I was hoping to get hold of Mick Barnbrook’s allegations of Misconduct in Public Office and Perverting the Course of Justice against all and sundry but they had got only to a late draft stage despite him spending several days of his holiday pen and mouse in hand.

I had to wait for those issues to come up for discussion because the three Blackfen candidates were checking over each others electoral expenses which have to reach Returning Officer Will Tuckley by the end of next week, otherwise you can be sure that a vindictive Tory will try to get them banged up for their omission. It seemed to me to be an unnecessarily complicated process.

I also discovered that their website comes up for renewal next week and at £60 a year they are going to let it go. I offered to archive it here and they agreed. From next Thursday that will be the only home it has.

Mick had drafted five letters two of which were complaints to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards about more MP expense fiddlers. He is hoping to add to his tally of 17 scalps or whatever the number currently is. The other three were of more local relevance and Chief Superintendent Peter Ayling, PCs Arthurs and Kelly, Will Tuckley (Bexley council Chief Executive), Akin Allibi (Head of Legal), Lynn Tyler (Legal Team Manager), Mal Chivers (Doorman) and Cheryl Bacon (Liar Extraordinaire) are all to be reported to Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe for various serious criminal offences.

Mick’s letter to Will Tuckley asking him to properly investigate the events of last June remains unanswered after more than two months and three reminders. In it Mick provided all the evidence needed that councillor Cheryl Bacon lied about what happened on 19th June 2013 and Tyler, Akabi, Nick Hollier (Human Resources) all lied in her support and now even the police are up to their same old tricks. Typical of the evidence supplied is…

I can however confirm that at no time was there any general disturbance created by any member of the pubic, all of whom remained polite and orderly at all times.

Tuckley…which comes from a councillor.

The failure, indeed refusal, to carry out a proper investigation into a breach of the Local Government Act 1972 and the ensuing cover up by the man who wears the legal wig on behalf of Bexley council is in my view a very good thing. It will make Mick’s allegation of Perverting the Course of Justice that much easier to pursue.

Everything that Bexley council has said about this case from there being a disturbance at all to me and four others being ejected from the chamber by PCs Arthurs and Kelly has been a complete fabrication. Not a single witness to the events, councillor, council officer or public has supported Bacon’s story, not even her troughing husband. The sole accurate report was the leaked internal memo, probably written by Director Paul Moore, which merely said “an individual seeking to record, without the permission of the Chairman” was asked to leave the meeting.

News ShopperThe probability is that Will Tuckley is not concerned about Mick’s allegations because he will have done exactly what he did in the Craske case. Get hold of his friends in Arnsberg Way and tell them they had better fix it for him. Why else would two “jovial bobbies” suddenly claim that the doorman was with them when they spoke to five members of the public in the council chamber when he most certainly was not.

Given the corruption that goes to the very top of the Metropolitan Police - do I have to mention my Daniel Morgan connections again - they know they have a good chance of getting away with it.

The PCs new claim that five people refused the doorman’s request to leave and they had to kick them out of the building is a 100% total lie. They were very pleasant to everyone present at the time and merely asked what they were going to do next. The police officers didn’t even speak to Nick Dowling who caused the adjournment in the first place.

How could PCs Arthurs and Kelly be so stupid when all the evidence is against them and according to Mick, the maximum penalty for a police officer making such false statements is two years in jail? Former police Inspector Mick Barnbrook says that senior officers have their ways of dealing with outbreaks of honesty and integrity among the ranks but is the lying Cheryl Bacon really worth that much?

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