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News and Comment July 2014

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7 July - More Bacon porkies

My TV almost never goes on so I was lucky to catch this short clip (audio only) while I was in a neighbour’s house yesterday.

The second voice you can hear is Gareth Bacon on The Sunday Politics Show. The last Bexley councillor to be on TSPS was former deputy leader Colin Campbell who manufactured a story about people setting out to disrupt council meetings and shoving microphones into Cheryl Bacon’s face two weeks earlier. All totally untrue as subsequent events have demonstrated.

A year to the day later Gareth Bacon followed his example and let his tongue run away with him.

Knee Hill Knee HillAccording to Bacon, Knee Hill is a “narrow country track where two cars have trouble passing” which as anyone who uses it regularly will know is quite a long way from the truth. I have seen two double deck buses pass on it because drivers sometimes use it as a shortcut from the Bexleyheath garage to the Thamesmead terminus.

The tricky part of Knee Hill is near the summit where a slight bend causes larger vehicles to cross the white line when descending. Straightening that would cost very little and massively improve passage, but making Knee Hill safer wouldn’t suit a certain Brampton Ward councillor.

If Bacon’s arguments are so good why don’t he and his cronies simply give the plain honest facts? Knee Hill is the A2041, it is too narrow but it is not a country track and two cars have no difficulty passing at all.

The name Bacon has become synonymous with ‘Porkies’.

For those who rather deal in facts and might like to offer their own honest opinion, Transport for London has today issued its umpteenth consultation on Thames crossings. Let Boris know what you think via the consultation and the Roadshows planned for 24th July and 30th August in the Bexleyheath Shopping Centre.


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