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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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8 January - Brainless

Road blockedToday’s blog is at the trivial end of the spectrum and appears for two reasons. One is to show that the recent absence of blogs is not for any ‘sinister’ reason - there has simply been nothing of interest to report - and the other is to suggest you steer well clear of Fiat Punto Y291 RBE because the driver has forgotten where he or she parked their brain.

Bright Close in Belvedere was passable before sunrise this morning but by 07:40 an inconsiderately parked Fiat blocked it completely. Nothing wider than a motorcycle could pass and as it’s a cul-de-sac, any resident who needed to drive was trapped.

The police arrived around 07:45 and checked out the owners’ registered addresses. Fortunately the dark blue BMW led to an address in the next road and the owner had parked it there yesterday evening, so the situation was fairly quickly resolved by knocking on his door - but no thanks to the Fiat driver. In nearby Carrill Way things were only slightly better and a Transit van had to be carefully guided between two commuters’ cars.

I thought the Highway Code said you shouldn’t park within 15 feet of a corner and when Crossrail first impacted on commuter parking Bexley council considered moving the nearby Controlled Parking Zone boundary a little further to the east. If they asked residents again, as they did some years ago, the choice between them ticketing forgetful neighbours and driving the few idiotic commuters away would be a difficult one.


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