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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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19 February (Part 3) - Scabby Wood

Harrow Inn Harrow InnThe News Shopper carries a story on Page 5 of today’s paper edition featuring an Abbey Wood eyesore which would never be allowed to continue elsewhere in the borough but has existed at the bottom of Knee Hill for what? Four years. (†) Something like that anyway. It’s been featured on Bonkers before, most recently last Saturday.

The Shopper’s story features New Road resident Veronica Keene and repeats what is really rather old news. That current Lesnes councillors have ignored the problem and their candidate for May 2014, Kerry Allon, a refugee from Belvedere, had negotiated with the site owner that he would board it up before mid-February.

Kerry Allon is not yet a Lesnes Abbey councillor and should not be blamed for the problem. Responsibility for it lies firmly with councillors John Davey and John Fuller both of whom have buzzed off to test the waters where their reputations have maybe not preceded them. Electors of Crayford and Christchurch respectively, take note.

† Readers have reminded me that the Harrow Inn was demolished in May 2009.


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