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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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17 February (Part 1) - Blue sky thinking

My garden abuts land owned by Gallions Housing now absorbed by the Peabody Trust. When Gallions used to look after their land properly - they haven’t for at least the past five years - they used to inspect it daily. When I renewed my fence one of the groundsmen got ever so slightly stroppy with me because I had unwittingly got him into trouble.

Apparently Gallions had fixed a bar code strip on my fence which their men used to ’swipe’ as they arrived on site and as they left. Their mobile reader would log their arrival and departure times to (almost) prove they had done their job. I have been informed that at least one Bexley care agency has been using a similar system for their care workers to log in and out of clients’ homes without use of a telephone.

Maybe cabinet member Chris Taylor should think about renting such a system instead of what he took a fancy to recently.

After Christmas I related how a care worker did a 30 hour shift to keep the system running over the holiday. An unconfirmed report said this was a long way from being a record. However it would appear that Chris Taylor has found a solution to that. He will no longer pay the care agencies double time for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Yes, that should fix it.

Labour, UKIP and the BAG have all promised to improve conditions for care workers should they be elected. The Conservatives are planning more cuts.


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