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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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11 December (Part 2) - String ’em up. Fence panels that is

During this quiet time for council news a few kind readers (well three actually) have taken pity on me and forwarded copies of their correspondence with Bexley council, and in one case their MP, about issues they find troubling. There is a danger that by allowing material to be published here they will be labelled mischievous by Bexley council and victimised, but some aren’t worried by that.

The first and simplest to cover (because grabbing a new photo is only a ten minute job) is the five year old saga of the derelict site of the demolished Harrow Inn.

The reader reminds me that in December last year the Conservative councillors who were then representing Lesnes Abbey ward said, first on Twitter and then in an email…

Twitter 18/12/2013
Lesnes Abbey Conservative Action Team & Cllrs act to ensure Harrow Inn site boarded within 4-6 wks of Jan 1st until perm plan.
Email 19/12/2013
Had meeting yesterday morning at the site with agent, the owner of the car wash and two Bexley council officers. The agent accepted the poor condition of the site and has said that he will be getting quotes for hoarding in the next few weeks and would hope to complete 4-6 weeks after Christmas.

Nothing was done beyond patching the worst of the torn plastic sheets.

After a year of broken promises Lesnes Labour councillor John Husband was on the receiving end of a promise by the site owner that it would be cleaned up last Friday. A few more slivers of wood were nailed on.

Teresa Pearce MP has been on the case but Bexley council is quite happy to fob her off too…

The land agent has secured/stabilised the existing ‘Heras’ fencing and rescreened the site (with wooden batons to help stop it ripping in the wind). I can confirm that the Local Planning Authority will continue to monitor the situation.

Derelict DerelictNote: Heras is a brand of high quality mesh fencing. The fence around the Abbey Wood eyesore is nothing like Heras fencing and such a description casts doubt on whether any council officer has been to look at it.

Bexley council seems to think that the fence is now satisfactory, Ms. Pearce does not - and even she is puzzled by why Bexley council should refer to the Local Planning Authority as if that was a separate body.

Meanwhile the fence is just about standing thanks to some string and a handily placed council road sign.


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