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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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8 December (Part 2) - Awaiting demolition. Lesnes Abbey Visitor Centre

Paving PavingI imagine that demolition of the Lesnes Visitor Centre will be conducted in a more sympathetic manner than that afforded to the Abbey Wood station ramps by Crossrail yesterday. The old paving stones were carefully taken up this morning and stacked in a manner that suggests they may be found a new home more appreciative of weathered old materials.

The signs at each end of the main vehicle entrance to the park, which is now closed off, brings out the pedant in me. ‘Use alternative path’ they proclaim with an appropriate arrow; but there is no alternative. It's the new badly constructed path or turn round and go away. The word alternative comes from Latin and specifically refers to a choice of two.

You can tell there are no new council related stories can’t you? Maybe I will start my Christmas holiday early.


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