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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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7 December (Part 2) - Last view of Hill View

Hill View Hill View Hill ViewDemolition isn’t the sole preserve of the north of the borough, the old council offices at Hill View have come down to make way for Bellview housing.

The site redevelopment did not come without controversy. Funds from the sale were required to part fund the council’s new offices in Watling Street so absolutely had to be passed as quickly as possible.

To that end Bexley council refused to allow the principal objector to make all his points at the planning meeting, totally ignored the flooding issues, ignored its own planning rules placing overlooking windows around seven metres closer than normal, and all the Conservative councillors who spoke against the scheme voted in favour - presumably in fear of the wrath of council leader Teresa O’Neill.

Councillor James Hunt attended to support - some said mock - local residents and councillor Steven Hall, who it is said gave a great deal of behind the scenes support to residents, probably wisely stayed away. Three months later both became chairmen of scrutiny committees.

The planning meeting was strange to say the least. How come all the objectors voted in favour? As an example of Bexley councillors being akin to the proverbial nine bob note it is hard to beat.
Hill View
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