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Bonkers Blog August 2014

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11 August (Part 1) - Too much like hard work

OfficeMy home office gets snowed under with paper and old technology that I should probably throw away, I suppose I should get into e-bay but there are not enough hours in the day. I embarked on a tidy up on Thursday and somehow it escalated into a massive rearrangement with everything stripped out and one desk cut in half and reconstructed as two. The computer and associated bits and pieces were exactly that for most of the time, bits and pieces!

It will take a week to finish the job, shelves are all in the wrong place now etc. and various cables are either too long or too short. I act as informal beta tester for new services equipment for my small business customers only ISP - long story! Sometimes the noise made by Cisco routers and switches drives me mad.

However, that is the main reason for it, in another sense of the word, being quiet around here in recent days. Plus not much to report. In fact it may be quiet all week, my grand daughter is visiting. I’d take her to the Belvedere Splash Park but the only free day is Thursday.


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