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Bonkers Blog August 2014

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7 August - Untrained amateur

Cheryl BaconI’d never heard of Mrs. Lynn Tyler until Mick Barnbrook sent me a copy of the letter he’d received from her. Enclosed with it was a statement from councillor Cheryl Bacon that said I and others had been guilty of running riot in the council chamber on 19th June 2013. That’s a long time ago now and since then I have accumulated nine written statements from those present certifying that no one did anything particularly untoward at that meeting - except that Nick Dowling had an audio recorder with him - and five more from councillors who refused to support Cheryl Bacon’s version of events.

As well as Bacon’s statement there were three others, one stuck to the truth and two were subsequently disowned to various degrees by their supposed authors. Taken together the four statements didn’t make sense, riddled as they were with contradictions. As Mrs. Tyler is supposedly a council legal officer I cast doubt on her abilities over several blogs. Would a competent legal officer really be happy with four unsigned and undated statements and then send them out to a member of the public without first checking that the story they attempted to portray was watertight?

Mick Barnbrook tried to find out if Mrs. Tyler (Legal Team Manager) was competent, on paper at least, to do the job she is paid for using the Freedom of Information Act. After the customary excessive delays he has a reply to his enquiry.

So as one might have guessed, Mrs. Tyler is another of Bexley council’s clueless amateurs who have no special qualifications to do the job we pay them for.

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