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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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28 April (Part 3) - BID mistakes goodbye

InterestsI hope it’s always been clear that if anyone sees something wrong on these pages they should let me know. Spreading misinformation is just plain stupid, I leave that to election pamphlets and Bexley Conservatives’ website.

Most days someone spots a typo or a misplaced apostrophe but factual corrections are almost unknown. Last week I said councillor Sandra Bauer was the deputy Labour leader in Bexley after forgetting that that position was taken over by Alan Deadman last year but I honestly cannot remember the mistake before that.

I must have encouraged Ian Payne (Bexleyheath Business Improvement District Manager) to correct me if I misreported him when we met last Friday because he was on to me early this morning to put me right on a couple of things. I could have offered excuses but he is far too friendly for anyone to want to risk an argument with him, however insignificant.

Ian PayneHe said his boss is not Teresa O’Neill because he doesn’t work for Bexley council. If I had wanted to be combative I would have protested that Bromley council begs to differ. Ian’s Register of Members’ Interests (see image) says that he works for ‘The London Borough if Bexley (via Reed)’, however Ian told me who he works for and who his boss is and it is definitely not you know who.

Not unnaturally he was a little concerned that I had pictured more than 20 empty premises while he had said there were only 14 vacant shops. Well leaving aside the fact that a few of those photographed were probably offices rather than shops, I did say in yesterday’s blog that I walked well past Lion Road which is the western outpost of Ian’s territory. So we are probably both right - and Bromley Council should get their website up to date.

If you see Ian around town don’t talk to him unless you want the hard sell on how good a shopping centre Broadway is and how he is determined to make it better.



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