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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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14 April (Part 1) - Another target missed

Today is the day Hadlow Road in Sidcup was supposed to be reopened - if you discount the fact that it was originally scheduled to open on the third of March. Anyone monitoring progress would know that there was no chance that Bexley council would relieve Sidcup High Street from its misery on time. My own forecast that the junction of Hadlow Road and Sidcup High Street would approach 50% completion by today looks to be remarkably accurate and the final photograph suggests that Bexley council has given up on the forecasting game. Meanwhile shoppers remain thin on the ground.

Sidcup High Street Sidcup High Street Sidcup High Street Sidcup High Street

Sidcup High Street Hadlow RoadDue to personal circumstances the past week has seen me driving through Sidcup to Bromley and back on a daily basis. Over the years I must have made that trip many hundreds of times but before last Thursday I had never returned to the borough boundary at the A2 roundabout in the early afternoon and found it clogged by traffic queued all the way to the Sidcup traffic lights half a mile away.

A quick glance up the High Street as I passed by revealed nothing exceptional. Bexley council mismanagement and incompetence and traffic chaos is the norm.

The omens for Sidcup were bad when councillor Cheryl Bacon illegally refused entry to any member of the public wishing to attend the public presentation on the scheme - and then, as everyone knows by now, issued a stream of lies in defence of her own misjudgment.

For the record the year long chaos inflicted on Welling appears to have come to an end.


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