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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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10 April (Part 1) - Dashed yellow lines!

The 36 hours since the last blog has unfortunately been filled with more hospital visits. Apart from nine yesterday evening until nine this morning I have been stuck at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Lock’s Bottom. The medical crisis seems to have been satisfactorily resolved but probably I should say nothing about the interminable delays, the lack of communication and the occasionally less than friendly staff.

Alsike AlsikeExactly 24 minutes after posting pictures of the less than satisfactorily parking arrangements around Abbey Wood station last Tuesday an email message said I should get myself to the other side of the tracks, which I did soon afterwards. Up until now there has not been an opportunity to show the pictures, but until Bonkers gets up to speed again they are almost all I have.

It looks as though the line painter came along while cars were parked and painted around them. Why ever wasn’t a warning given in advance and a day set aside for the lining job? Ah, I remember now, the man in charge is Mike Frizoni.

Perhaps I should note in the interest of balance that there were no road hold ups anywhere driving to Petts Wood and Lock’s Bottom over the past two days even though three trips were within peak hours. This morning’s trip took under half an hour door to door. It surely cannot all be due to the lack of the school run.


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