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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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26 September (Part 2) - Jobsworth misses a trick

We left jobsworth Adams telling meeting chairman Cheryl Bacon that I was agitating for a better seat and challenging her on the audio recording issue; all complete rubbish and possibly the result of a muddle by Adams, but Lynn Tyler wasn’t to know that and used it to justify my own illegal exclusion from the reconvened Public Realm meeting.

Adams then relates how he approached Nicholas Dowling (I assume it is Nicholas despite the initials NK) and Michael Barnbrook who, it is suggested, is waving the Department for Communities and Local Government guidance at him. I was sitting forward of them all but naturally looked around to watch an important development. I don’t know where Michael was supposed to have obtained the DCLG documentation because like the rest of us he had no idea of Nicholas’s plans for the evening until a minute or two before entering the building, so he would not have come prepared for it. i.e. carrying the guidance. A small point but Adams is wrong again.

I checked this out with Mick last night and he confirms he waved nothing and Bacon and Adams did not address him at all - which is my recollection too.

Much of the remainder of John Adams’ report concerns his activities outside the council chamber and cannot be challenged but what he says of the events inside continue to be wrong.
“Everyone accept (sic) the public gallery” did not leave the Council Chamber as Adams states. One councillor remained and engaged Elwyn Bryant and me in friendly conversation throughout the 30 minute adjournment. Another of Adam’s numerous errors, however perhaps his biggest error is one of omission.

Mrs. Tyler (Legal Team Manager) has been given the unenviable task of defending the indefensible and has resorted to untruths which should bring shame on her profession. If she had analysed the responses she received surely a half competent legal brain would have picked up the inconsistencies? But apparently not. The only way that councillor Cheryl Bacon can be excused her law breaking is if every member of the public present on the evening of the 19th June was being disruptive and this is what Lynn Tyler has had to claim.
You might have expected John Adams to lick his masters’ boots by making it clear that Cheryl Bacon had words with everyone but his highly detailed report fails to refer to any warnings to anyone but Nicholas, which is of course exactly right. More reports will be presented soon. Meanwhile John Adams’ report in full.


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