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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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22 September (Part 2) - Cops at the shops

Cop Safer transportThe police have been heavily promoting their open day outside the Broadway Shopping Centre held today and I suppose I should have looked in but it hasn’t got much to do with Bexley council, the weather is foul for the time of year and what would I do there anyway? I doubt they would want to discuss political interference in the Craske case. However Bonkers’ readers may be made of sterner stuff and I believe the subject may well have been raised.

If these photographs are a guide, the event may not have been as well supported as it should have been. I assume the first photograph is of the officer who left an eight month gap between getting a street address from a certain IP address and knocking on the appropriate door. The other picture is of four Safer Transport Team officers.

As readers will have noticed, there has been something of a famine for the past week so far as significant Bexley council malpractice is concerned but I am pleased to be able to report, all of that is about to change. Councillor Cheryl Bacon has kindly ridden to the rescue with a number of untruthful statements. I think I may have to serialize them over several days.


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