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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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3 September (Part 2) - Victory for Nicholas

If it wasn’t for Nicholas Dowling and his old Dictaphone, Bexley council wouldn’t have been so forcibly pushed to the position it reached tonight - with all due credit to the assistance provided by Cheryl Bacon’s supreme idiocy of course. However tonight the stage was set for a move towards a reversal of the current position - you can film a meeting subject to the chairman’s permission while the chairman is under instruction never to allow it - to something close to the reverse. You can film a meeting unless the chairman finds a reason for disallowing it. In essence that is to be the new arrangement. The recommendation has to go before the full council on 6th November but in all probability that will be the position from there on. With a few caveats, it is true, and they will be reported in more detail tomorrow.

Councillor Peter CraskeThe meeting was sensible and civilised and although more than a few councillors were not at all keen on members of the public being let loose with cameras, credit where it is due. Councillor Peter Craske was the clear leader in talking good sense closely followed by councillor Colin Campbell who both backed the proposal to the hilt, with councillor Chris Ball not far behind. Director Paul Moore made a convincing case for webcasting and 3rd party filming.

Leader Teresa O’Neill may have looked as though she had swallowed a wasp but didn’t actually say anything that could be seriously criticised. The same cannot be said of every councillor present. Details later.

Peter Craske not only advocated photography, he posed for this picture when our paths crossed in the street not long ago. I suspect it was more an act of insolence and defiance than a friendly gesture but it was nevertheless an act which tended to enhance my opinion of the old blogger. Though that may not be saying a lot!

Note: The term filming includes all forms of audio and visual recording, plus photography.


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