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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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9 October (Part 2) - Wanted! One honest copper

The Bridleway 250 closure continues to be pursued and a visit to the Magistrate’s Court cannot be far away now. Mr. Barnbrook has been looking into every aspect of BW 250 and its history. He knows that the offending gate is quite new and not 20 years old as Bexley council suggests and he refused to be fobbed off by the arrogance of Mike Frizoni who dodged his questions.

Along the way Michael Barnbrook has discovered that a police sergeant went along with the council’s excuse that the bridleway should be closed to reduce crime - do not extend this logic too far or every road will be gated before long! - and that there has in fact been almost no crime at Mount Mascal Stables. However Mick wanted to know when the crime took place and thought it might be worthwhile checking on what the police sergeant actually did agree to. He sent off appropriate FOIs to the police.

Thamesmead It must be common knowledge by now that Bexley police works hand in glove with Bexley council to cover their worst excesses and the bridleway case is shaping up no differently.

The Borough Commander, no less, replied to the FOI. “We can confirm that the Sector Sergeant for the area attended the meeting. The Council sent minutes to the Sector Sergeant who destroyed them after reading.” That’s very professional isn’t it? Does anyone believe it? Probably not.

For Mick’s question about the time of the crime at the stables, Peter Ayling has fallen back on the tried and tested “We cannot provide further details to which the incidents related to as the information could assist with the identification of third parties”. All he wanted was the time of day, Mick already has the crime statistics. My guess is that the crime took place while the bridleway was open. But that wouldn’t do the council’s excuse for breaking the law a lot of good. It is hard to tell where most dishonesty occurs. There’s probably a higher proportion of wrong ’uns in Arnsberg Way than in the population at large.


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