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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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6 October (Part 3) - Many rats doing a runner

I wondered why John Davey, Conservative councillor for Lesnes Abbey ward was grabbing a photo opportunity in Crayford last week and now we know; Davey should be toast in Lesnes ward in 2014 and deservedly - and he must know it. But he is not the only rat leaving his ship, there’s a good deal of shuffling going on and some of the members of the public who have filled the News Shopper’s letter page boosting Bexley council are revealed for what they are. Conservative stooges. Megan Clement, Rob Leitch and David Leaf come to mind.
Tory list
Are extra family connections coming to the fore? Who is Natalie Read? Who is Irene Reader, Christine Bishop or Christine Catterall? Where is Peter? Can it be coincidence that new lesser known females on the block are relegated to the traditionally Labour strongholds while spouses get relatively safe seats?

There are only 19 wards and 56 candidates shown above. Has Conservative party membership fallen that much?


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