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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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1 October (Part 2) - Another rubbish story

Rubbish RubbishFor the past four years or so I have been plagued by a succession of neighbours who rent the house next door for a few months and move on. They have all been nice enough people, maybe one exception who the police were hunting for drug offences, and they all have one thing in common. They must have been brought up in some place where it is the norm to dispose of rubbish by opening the door or window and aiming it in the general direction of the front garden.

One has two options; leave it until it becomes a small mountain or clear it away yourself. Which is what I did yesterday morning.

Whilst Bexley council cannot be blamed for Photo 1, maybe it can for Photo 2. This communal bin has not been emptied for, well I’m not sure, but at least three and a half weeks.

My guess is that the contractor has deemed it contaminated and refused to take it away. It almost certainly is contaminated, it would be nothing new, but while Serco argues with Bexley council or whatever they do, the affected residents - not me - are left to live in squalor. But then maybe it’s of their own making. It can’t be doing Bexley’s recycling statistics an awful lot of good.


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