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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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19 November (Part 1) - The Bacon grind continues

With a nice sense of timing, Bexley’s Head of Legal Services has fixed a date for Mr. Barnbrook to meet him to discuss his various complaints relating to the Cheryl Bacon Closed Session affair, or to be more precise, the lies she told to try to absolve herself from responsibility. A nice sense of timing because the invitation arrived on the very same day that the former Labour minister, Denis MacShane pleaded guilty to inventing his Parliamentary expenses claims.

It was Mick Barnbrook who first reported MacShane to the police, the official report confirms it…
Naturally the Commissioner ignored the complaint to start with and when he went to the police they looked at Mick’s evidence and dismissed it as worthless. Only after the Commissioner decided there was a case to answer was Mick able to persuade the police to take his complaint seriously.

Yesterday MacShane admitted it all and may well now be on his way to jail where all bent politicians should be.

Mick is just the man needed to pursue the burgher MacBacon for as long as it takes - and he will.


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