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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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18 November - Children’s train rides and juvenile concerns

My thanks to those who have enquired where I am or should that be have been? The answer is, Friday up a tree with a saw, Saturday in Wiltshire and Sunday in Hampshire. Adjacent counties but a two hour drive apart.

Back home there is nothing of note to report about Bexley council; they are not answering any enquiry about Cheryl Bacon, their own lies having made the search for an escape route somewhat problematical. Also we seem to have an early Christmas close down. There is a five week gap between council meetings other than routine planning and licensing committees. The only one in December is Cabinet on the 18th.

Speaking of Christmas, the Broadway festivities last Saturday probably did not do a lot to help the traders.

Just come back from Saturday morning shopping in the Broadway. Bexley council have allowed a proliferation of stands/concessions/stalls/displays even a stage from the Clock Tower all the way down the supposedly pedestrian area leaving very little width in places for actual pedestrians.

Then presumably to rake in even more money the council have allowed another concession for a tractor (dressed up as an engine) plus several coaches to drive up and down the narrow gap between the stalls and the shop fronts. Driver was not best pleased when I stood my ground insisting that I as a pedestrian had priority in a pedestrian area and he could wait for me no matter how hard he beeped his horn!

At last week’s Cabinet meeting it was related how business is down again - the Broadway regeneration being blamed.

TwitterAt the trivial end of Bexley news is this little Twitter exchange between UKIP and the mayor’s daughter Elizabeth Massey. The council’s website confirms the relationship.

Beth Massey appears to be casting aspersions on the integrity and accuracy of this website.

I would hope that the amount of documentary evidence made available would convince most people that what may be read here is likely to be correct or work things out for themselves. Maybe that is why the only time I have been challenged is when reporting a councillor’s dishonesty and the dissenters admitted they were related to him and were self-proclaimed petty criminals. Some of them even waylaid and beat up a B-i-B contributor.

Such is the company kept by Conservative councillors in Bexley.

Beth Massey has yet to respond to UKIP’s challenge. Maybe she knows as well as I do that it was Don Massey who took the lead role in deciding to not accept the 2,219 signature petition on senior salary levels and ignoring the similarly sized petition about the management of the Howbury Centre.

Please Beth, you are a 19 year old studying politics and undoubtedly an expert, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to tell me exactly where Bexley is Bonkers has attempted to mislead the populace or even made a simple mistake. There must be some somewhere. No one is perfect, Bexley Tories excepted of course.



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