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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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13 November (Part 3) - First pictures of Bexley’s cabinet in session

Top tableI was quick to condemn the arrangements made for photography at the council meeting last week where no usable photographs of the council in session were taken due to the absence of any clear view, so maybe I should be just as quick to say that at last night’s cabinet meeting things were much better; in fact perfectly acceptable.

No one tried to direct photographers to any particular position but a table was thoughtfully laid out in a central position in front of the public area.

I contented myself with a notebook, pen and audio recorder but Elwyn Bryant was snapping away. I do not propose to go out of my way to find unfortunate poses in the council chamber; if Bexley council has chosen the path of righteousness at last then maybe we can begin to forget their previous ambitions to imprison bloggers. You may on the other hand think an image of Teresa O’Neill dressed up in a burglar’s uniform is an unfortunate pose.


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