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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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12 November (Part 2) - Pure theatre

Howbury Friends Charity CommissionAt the end of an obviously staged sham debate by Bexley’s cabinet this evening, Howbury Friends’ bid to run the Community Centre was thrown out in favour of an out of borough chameleon company that changes its name more regularly than it files its accounts.

The interlopers were judged to have “scored significantly higher on financial stability and robustness of cash flow”.

Howbury Friends’ record as provided by the Charities Commission is shown here in yellow, the financial state of the new company, Eco Communities, may be obtained for a small fee from Companies House.

Eco CommunitiesAccording to Bexley council, making up to £100,000 by voluntary effort over each of the past eight years counts for nothing compared to a company £53,000 in debt fronted by an ex-Conservative Bexley councillor.

Councillor Stefano Borella was accused of suggesting corruption, which he denied - the audio recording will reveal the truth - but it would be surprising if the word did not cross the mind of more than just one councillor.

I doubt this will be the last we have heard of this shabbiest of decisions by the shabbiest of councils.


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