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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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12 November (Part 1) - Keeping it off the balance sheet

Linda BaileyThe appointment of Stuart Crichton as principal of Bexley’s Adult Education Colleges definitely looks a bit odd. First he is a consultant being awarded lucrative contracts by Bexley council, then he’s shuffled into a new job for which he has no obvious qualifications and allegedly ponces off the backs of long serving deputies.

Then the story goes around that courses that don’t make a profit are quickly closed down. It’s not my area of expertise but I would have thought that financially speaking, educational courses are a matter of some you win and some you don’t, otherwise no obscure subject would ever be taught.

Interpreting Bexley’s ‘Over £500’ expenditure is no one’s idea of fun and an inexact science, but there are reasons to believe that SC Partners might not be unconnected with the mysterious Mr. Crichton. Does he get college principal pay on top of his consultancy fees or is what is on the council’s spreadsheet just the half of it? And if it is simply ‘salary’ as stated, shouldn’t a school head’s pay be subject to PAYE?

SC partners
As far as I can tell from earlier months, the £5,850 is paid monthly and the £18,000 is some sort of quarterly bonus. Nothing in Bexley is totally honest open and translucent but for those with influential friends in high places, the gravy train still runs on schedule.


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