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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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9 November (Part 3) - She can’t stop them coming. The lies that is

Following the decision to allow recording at council meetings Bexley council issued a press release. It contained one massive lie.
Press Release
Really? Never been opposed? What is the truth of the matter? This perhaps? (FOI response.)
The truth
And what happens if someone doesn’t ask permission? This FOI question and answer sheds some light on the matter.
That was of course the notorious occasion on which John Kerlen was caught with a video camera in the assembly area outside the council chamber and was set upon by councillor Biffa Bailey for his pains. John Kerlen was subsequently banned from attending any future council meetings. Then Bexley council pulled its masterstroke and had him arraigned before the beak on trumped up charges. Ultimately found not guilty but not before one councillor perjured himself in the witness box and another made up a story that ensured John spent 24 hours in the cells. "We have never been opposed to the principle of recording meetings.” Ha bloody ha!

O'NeillMore recently Nicholas Dowling produced an audio recorder in the council chamber. The police were called and Cheryl Bacon has told a hundred lies to hide the truth. As we stood as the mayor exited the chamber last Wednesday I took a second photograph (Part 3 yesterday) from my designated position from which I could see almost nothing while sitting down as instructed. In the background is an out of focus Teresa O’Neill. Does it look as though she approves of my lens?

Please stop lying Teresa, I’m finding it hard to keep up.


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