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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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27 March (Part 2) - Design failure

Coralline Walk Coralline Walk  Coralline WalkWhat’s with the plague of keep left signs in Lower Road asked a reader. Photo 1 shows eight, two more are only just excluded and a similar number may be seen further down the road. My correspondent says he has not seen vehicles on the wrong side of the road though I have to confess I have, several times. The narrowing of Belvedere’s B213 has become so frustrating to some drivers they pass buses (and once me) by ignoring the keep left signs.

Coralline WalkMy recollection is that ASDA were going to pay for road revisions outside the new store. As the only exit is in the Erith direction the temptation is to do an early U turn so a central reservation has been installed with a rough surface to deter driving over it. Obviously the people who design these things have no idea of the standard of driving frequently seen in these parts. Hence the introduction of cones.

Bexley council has provided the following explanation…

The keep left bollards that you refer to are in fact associated with the traffic islands recently implemented which are intended to slow vehicles down whilst offering protection to right turning vehicles. They were not introduced to address an issue of motorists driving on the wrong side of the carriageway.

What the council doesn’t seem to have realised is that narrowing the road at this point means that if two buses should come along at once, and off peak 14 are scheduled each hour on three different routes, the second one is left tailing out into the carriageway and blocking it. And the man in charge gets a bonus.


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