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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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26 June (Part 5) - You couldn’t make it up

Bexley Magazine I’m surprised that title has not be used before, it’s almost a generic one that could be applied to every day.

The Bexley magazine popped through my letterbox an hour ago and I was amazed to see the associated comment on Page 8.

Under the heading ‘Parking Services Improvements’ we are told that Parking Attendants will soon be routinely video and audio recording members of the public without seeking their permission.

What a bunch of two face hypocrites. They have the cheek to say this will demonstrate transparency and provide accuracy.

Fair enough, but contrast that with what Bexley’s goons trot out at every public meeting. No recording in case it offends a member of the public. How low can this Conservative council go?

Click image for the full story.


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