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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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26 June (Part 4) - The liars are at it again!

News Shopper News ShopperBexley council knows it is in a weak position after putting a public meeting into “closed session”. Chairman Cheryl Bacon’s words not mine. It’s illegal, so since their first attempt to bamboozle the population via the News Shopper they have added to their lie score.

“If other members of the public had wished to join the meeting they would have been able to.” Rubbish!

Mr.  Barnbrook was particularly keen to be there and Cheryl Bacon twice rebuffed him. As soon as he got home he sent in a formal complaint.

Young Danny Hackett, would-be Labour councillor, with friends on the inside already, wasn’t allowed in either.

Does Bexley council really believe that five members of the public who had given up their evening to hear what the council had in store for parking and Sidcup High Street, and had not entered the recording debate at all, would have gone home if there was an alternative acceptable to the lying Cheryl Bacon?

Bexley council issues nothing but lie after lie and I get very sick of reporting it.

Next time there is a meeting recorders will have to be secretly switched on if that is what it takes to get the truth out of Bexley council.


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