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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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24 June (Part 3) - Gossip Department

I’ve no idea how reliable this sort of information is but an email said “I heard that Pallen was replacing Windle in Barnehurst and that Hall was replacing Cammish in Blendon - both standing down. Musical chairs!”

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Simon Windle went, he seems to have a too finely developed sense of decency to be a Bexley councillor and if they are looking for someone useless and another Teresa style tyrant you couldn’t do a lot better than Eileen Pallen.

Steven Hall’s Welling seat must be vulnerable to UKIP attack and a move is understandable but why a decent enough bloke like Steven wants to be associated with Bexley council goodness only knows. Maybe he has aspirations towards reforming it?

Pat Cammish? Who is she? I did a search of the entire Bonkers site and apart from the list of councillors her name only appears once. It was in November 2012 and if you click the link to that blog you may understand why she has had enough.


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